AnimeTake taken down, for good

In anime news the popular anime sharing website AnimeTake has been shutdown by its owners. The site has been many fans, especially those outside of Asian markets, destination for the latest anime releases.

The site has seen its fair share of controversy as it shares anime illegally however, for most it is both the fastest and sometimes only means of getting a hold of their next series. Interestingly enough the site does not host anime content but only links to it and has always abided to DMCA requests.

One of the site’s leading posters Dao explained further details on his blog:

I was on my way home from school when I received an email from the owner/admin that managed most of the stuff. The email was short and stated “The site is shutting down, I received a subpoena (court summon) from the Japanese government”. He didn’t explain how they got his info (even if he did I wouldn’t disclose it because of reasons) so the information I have about this is really limited. - Source

The news is particularly disappointing as Japan has never made it easy for western consumers to legally obtain anime in good quality and close to the original air data. Just remember buying bleach box sets at £15/20 or-so episodes.

Crunchyrole is a step in the right direction but without a doubt suffers from similar issues such as late releases, or simply no release of a particular series. And of course there is the issue that as many teens watch anime a subscription service is not an easy product to sell such a demographic.

Did you use AnimeTake? As a user of the site my self this is sad news, though fans will still find ways to consume their favourite anime.