Apple watch revealed along with prices

###Apple have finally unveiled pricing on their Smart Watches.

The Sport:
The cheapest watch is the Apple Sport starting at $349 for the 38mm. Not cheap but totally not surprising considering this is Apple.

The Watch:
The Apple Watch is stainless steel, starting at $549 for the 38mm

The Edition:
An 18-karat gold version which starts at a whopping $10,000 and the most expensive apple watch edition is $17,000!

Preorders begin on April 10th, and watches will be available on April 24th.

What do you think about the watches?
The Sport and Watch look alright in my opinion and whilst expensive they do seem like the most feature rich smart watch besides the Moto360.

However, the edition seems ridiculous to me. It’s not an analogue watch and I doubt that it will last anywhere near what an entry level Rolex does. And if you’ve ever had an iPhone or more aptly an iPod you know after 5 - 6 years the device is pretty obsoletely (battery dead, no updates, etc.) At least you can always sell the watch for it’s raw value! Whats your opinion on Edition?

Announcement found on The Verge

I think Apple is going a bit overboard. I get that they want to appeal to all parties but it’s just too much. $10000 is a joke.

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I agree partly, if Apple wants to create a “fashion” item or increase the trend of computers as fashion then they need to resolve the problem of tech items lives only being 4 - 5 years.

I just can’t see the point in purchasing something that does exactly the same thing as the $500 version looks only slightly better, if you like gold. And of course it will only functionally last a max of 6 years.

With that said whilst I don’t personally like the design of the Apple Watch or the software UI, prefer the design of Moto360 and Android Wear, I do see smart watches as a natural progression of the watch back to a functional item rather than just fashion. More so than any gimick like Google Glass.