Assembled to Play League of Legends 1v1 tournament

##An update on the A2P League of Legends 1v1 tournament

###How to enter?
The tournament is open and you can enter here: Forge Gaming Tournaments, so if you have not yet entered please do!

"But wait there is this DGL Code, what is it and where do I get it", I hear you ask?

That’s simple you just need to:

  • Join the Assembled to Play Clan which you can do over here: Assembled to Play DGL.
  • The password to join is: assembled4009
  • A DGL referral is: FugiTive Legacy
  • Once you’ve joined the Assembled to Play Clan, simply see the link at the bottom of the A2P DGL Page: League of Legends 1v1 Tournament (Password Here)
  • Now you have the DGL Code and can enter the tournament!

###When will the tournament start?
We are currently letting as many people join as possible and will most likely start the Tournament later this month (March).

UPDATE: Tournament starts on March 24, 2015 at 10:55 AM GMT

###What can I win?

Group stage winners:
Winners of each group stage, will receive a copy of Besiege an awesome indie game available on Steam + a title on FGN!

Overall winner:
The overall winner will receive the following: DJ Sona Skin + RP + title on FGN!

More info:
Right over here!

##A2P League of Legends 1v1 tournament Schedule

We have merged Bronze & Silver. Along with this, Gold will be Gold and higher.
The tournament will be a round-robin style event with a bracketed final.

####Silver - Group A

  • Dual Freedom FGN
  • Act101
  • NellaQ
  • GreedyPig FGN
  • FLG Fr0sTi
  • Xilousty
  • VampireMarceline
  • Sims2 Delux
  • Nagisa FGN
  • Shinobie

####Gold - Group B

  • ClaXzoR
  • FugiTive Legacy
  • Yung Marco
  • WannaBee FGN
  • dbnPoizon FGN
  • HeiligerKeks
  • OsamaB1nSwagging
  • Free2clone FGN


Can be found here: Tournament Schedule

Tournament starts on March 24, 2015 at 10:55 AM GMT, Check-in: Underway Now

Please make sure you check-in, here!

###Week 1 Schedule

Games to be played by 10:55pm UTC, 29th March 2015. Please arrange a suitable time with your opponent!

[Details=Group A - Silver]

  • A: Dual Freedom FGN Vs. Free2clone FGN
  • B: Act101 Vs. Sims2 delux
  • C: NellaQ Vs. Shinobie
  • D: GreedyPig FGN Vs. Nagisa FGN
  • E: FLG Fr0sTi Vs. VampireMarceline

[Details=Group B - Gold+]

  • A: ClaXzoR FGN Vs. OsamaB1nSwagging
  • B: FugiTive Legacy Vs. HTC Phone
  • C: Yung Marco Vs. HeiligerKeks
  • D: WannaBee FGN Vs. dbnPoizon FGN

Due to a last minute group change, Free2Clone FGN will be competing in the Gold group and Sims2 Delux enters the Silver Group.

Please note this changes the Group A schedule only!

UPDATE: For reasons unknow Free2Clone is back in the silver group, blame

@dbnPozion when would you like to play our match :stuck_out_tongue:

##How to:

###Set match date

[Details=Simply select a date both players have agreed to.]

###Report result

[Details=Simply select who won the match or whether it was a draw. Both players need to report the result.]


###Report proof

[Details=Upload a print screen before exiting the match!]

###NOTE: Major rule change!

You now have until May 24th 2015 to play your remaining matches, these matches can be played at anytime between now and then.

For instance you can play each game weekly or play all your games on the very last day, caution you not to leave all to the last minute as you may struggle to schedule the games.

###Bracket Stage:
The bracket stage will held on the 30th of April, all bracket games will be played between the 30 - 31st of April!