Ban Templates - Useful for all admins!

Hi all.

I’ve put together some ban templates which you can copy directly bellow and add to your own Teamspeak 3 Client.

It is beneficial to keep the way the admins ban similar to one another so that people receive the same length and notification for any offence they may commit.

Personally I’m against Perma-Bans (especially ones without a reason, or for that matter any ban without a specific reason). I would prefer for people to try learn from their actions. Obviously there is still a place and time for Perma-Bans, but I would recommend using discretion when banning someone and try banning them for shorter times.

Ban Templates:

Duration Title Message
1 min 1.) 1 - Min Chill Time Time to chill!
12 hours 2.) 12 - Hr Warning Warning! Your behaviour is undesirable and warrants a temporary ban.
2 Day† 3.) 2 - Day Warning + Watch Unacceptable behaviour! Now placed on a watch-list for further behaviour!
5 Day†† 4.) 5 - Day Loss of Privileges Loss of Privileges! All privileges removed due to your behaviour!
7 Days 5.) Racism + Homophobia + Sexism Racism, Homophobia, Sexism are not allowed. Grow up or get lost!
1 Month 6.) 31 - Day Security Risk Security Suspension! You have been found to be a security risk!
Permanent 7.) Permanent Permanent Ban due to complete disregard of rules or repeated offence!

† - Please add this user to the Under Watch group before applying this ban! Will be used to keep track of people who have received short bans!
†† - Only to be used for instances which warrant a user to loose their Verified, Respected or/and Clan membership

How to setup ban templates in Teamspeak 3:

Right click on any Member > Ban Client > Enter the Reason and Duration coppied from the above templates > Click the Save Icon (Next to Preset) and enter the Template Name > tick the Save Duration box!

Followed by clicking Cancel!! (You don’t want to ban this user!)

To update an existing ban. Clicking on Tools > Options > Messages:


If you have any comments on the Duration or Reason Text of any of the ban templates I’ve thought of please comment bellow and we can either change the template or discuss a middle ground.

What if you have to ban the person immediately? I mean we could freeze him or mute him, although the time same still stays the same. What if we ban him/her, then edit it later?

The templates make it very quick to select an appropriate ban type/length, so I don’t see this being too much of an issue with regards to needing to ban someone in a hurry. Remember these templates are saved and you simply select one and apply the ban to the user.

Freezing and muting are also options and you can add a ban to the user even after they have disconnected if you know how! You would need their TS UiD and also need to know how to enter a manual ban.