Basic Rules


  • No Flaming: Posts with the direct intention of insulting or harming another user will not be tolerated.

  • No Porn: We all know what porn is - Keep it clean, no nudity, hentai, etc.

  • This is NOT 4Chan, so don’t act like it is.

  • No linking to warez, pirated software, etc.

If someone / something on the site is getting on your nerves, take a deep breath, remain mature and logical before you post.

  • Refrain from religious related conversations.

  • Impersonating another user, admin, or moderator will result in an immediate and permanent ban

  • Treat members of the opposite gender with respect. Everyone should be equal and members of the opposite sex deserve the same respect that you give members of your own sex.

  • The forums are new and in Beta, instead of complaining about something not working the way you want it to help us by submitting a report in the Meta category, thanks!

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