Comprehensive List of Forum Features (2019)

Though Discourse is no longer such a new forum platform, it is still relatively new to about 90% of people. Therefore, I thought I would make this post to give you a heads up about some of the awesome features both released and planned for Discourse. The forums generally keep up to date with the latest stable or beta build of discourse.

1. The Basics - Format a post for clarity:


  • Create an h1 heading with a # symbol, followed by a space before your text!
  • Create an h2 heading with ##
  • Create an h3 heading with ### and so on…


  1. Make your Topic Title start with Poll:
  2. Include an list in your post. The first list will be used as the entries for the poll.

Spoilers Plugin:

You should already be familiar, we’ve had it for a while:

[spoiler] Spoiler Content [/spoiler]

I watched the murder mystery on TV last night. The butler did it.

Details Plugin:

Updated recently, this allows you to create a compressed details view to hide a bunch of information with a title heading if you want:

[details=title to show]hidden details[/details]

Click to see the kitty


2. Advanced formatting tips

Support for Code Blocks:

As I’ve noticed not too many people know how to use them, there’s a few ways to do code blocks
Inline such as: like this, achieved with as follows:

inline `like this`

Alternatively, as a block of text with coloured highlighting:


print("heres some python")

Achieved with as follows:


print("heres some python")

Support for Tables:

You can use tables within your posts using usual HTML syntax.




header header
cell cell

3. Future Features:

If you want more awesome features, search GitHub or meta.discourse and let us know about the plugin!

See this link for [Discourse’s feature category][1].