Do you use a streaming service?

Spotify, Rdio, YouTube, Pandora or something completely different. How do you stream music, if you do? And why do you use that service.

I personally use to use Pandora, I still think it’s a great service but needing a proxy/vpn to access makes it a pain and I found that the music collection after a year of using it was not actually that large. Still I think Pandora’s music finding system is probably one of the best. Now days I simply use YouTube playlists and Uploaders such as MrSuicideSheep.

My music playlists are strictly Electronic and can mostly be found on YouTube and SoundCloud.

DNB is my favourite as most of you know and here are some channels on YT that I’d recommend to some fans of EDM/DnB. I’d actually recommend it to anyone! :smiley:

Also for the people more on the Neurofunk side of things: This is the Caligo album by Spor. Released for free to the public in Mp3 format, although I’d highly recommend to download the paid version (pay at least 5 dollars I believe) to receive the absolutely stunning .wav formats.


If you are into Electronic House I would highly suggest checking out the following YouTube channel: GalaxyMusic

And if you are into something a bit more esoteric but still pretty cool electronic check out: Tasty Daily uploads of quality EDM.

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Really enjoying Ledge Sounds channel possibly even more than MrSuicideSheep :open_mouth:

Great music to just chill out listening to or whilst playing games.

@Marxox still need to get your Hospital Records details :slight_smile: