FGN Minecraft help & feedback

We are aware that our Minecraft server could do with some good old tlc. However, we are looking to port the server to a new management system in the next two months. Once this is done we will make sure to fix a few issues, don’t worry all your work will be saved.

However, in the mean time please post here if you need help, found what you think is a bug. Or even just to request a feature.

We will also shortly be fixing the spawn area.


I played a bit on the server and from what I can tell it is somewhat annoying to get into in the sense that the only dtarting items are tools As far as I know.

The plot system is great and gives a sense of ownership to the player.

Overall it is pretty good, but as you mentioned changes would be awesome.

Looking forward to it :smile:

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Good to know that you enjoyed the Minecraft server. Let me know what other starting items you would like and I can get that implemented ASAP!

As for the plot system we have abandoned it due to the following reasons, too few players enjoyed it and many old time players wanted to have the spawn on the new map.

###Here is a list of planned things we need to sort out:

  • New spawn area on the original (default) world, looking for some talented individuals to help with its creation.
  • Link spawn area to @typhoonbot area via rail as well as my area and some of the other areas.
  • Add more plugins which have good development behind them and the community wants.