FGN Teamspeak 5 Beta Testers

Forge Gaming Network TS5 beta update

Teamspeak have started releasing beta keys for their beta Teamspeak 5 client, signups to the beta program appear to have closed and assuming you applied for access you may recieve or have already recieved an email with a key. You can access the beta client at: https://beta.teamspeak.com/

We wanted to provide an update for any lucky FGN members who have a beta key and are using the beta client. As the client has some significant changes which do clash with how we’ve setup the Forge Gaming Network TS Server.


Firstly, the beta client is compatible with the FGN Server, and are you obviously free to connect to our server using the beta client, a couple of us admins are already doing so.

Secondly, Teamspeak 5 is still very much a beta client and as such you should expect some encounter some bugs and oddities. One of the major issues at present for users would be channel descriptions, where all the formatting is messed up on the beta client. This is due to the beta client moving to use Markdown instead of BBCode. Full support for BBCode may still be coming for TS5, but this has not been confirmed yet.

For now we won’t be making any changes to channel descriptions to improve their appearance for the beta TS5 client, as the majority of users are still on the TS3 client. However, once we notice a good portion of our user base switching to TS5 (beta or release) we will make such changes.

Furthermore, for FGN admins, please note that at the time of writing the TS5 beta client (v.5.0.0-beta.12), has no permission system. This means that in order to create new server groups or edit existing server group permissions or channel permissions will require you to use the TS3 client.

Teamspeak Chat:

Teamspeak 5 also overhauls how chat works. Much of the TS3 client chat features, for now, remain in place, including; poke and send message. However, additional chat features have been included which operate independently from a specific community’s Teamspeak server.

The implementation of this is a little confusing as it causes two separate chat “channels” to every user. One which sends messages via an existing Teamspeak server and another which sends messages via teamspeak.com cloud servers. Hopefully, these will be unified in the future.

The new chat can be used by adding users on an existing server to your contact list (essentially a friends list). Messages sent to users on your contact list will be sent via Teamspeak’s myTeamspeak cloud servers and are stated to be end-to-end encrypted. (Please note all Voice and Messaged are also encrypted on our Teamspeak server!)

You don’t need to be connected to a Teamspeak server to send messages to users on your contact list.


Teamspeak Group Chat:

Teamspeak 5 have also provides a group chat feature, which is very limited in features at present. Any user can create a group and you can invite user’s on your contact list to the group. This is again independent from any specific community’s Teamspeak server. Group chat has various moderation levels.

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