FGN Teamspeak account Steam verification (2021)

Hi everyone!

Our Steam verification method has been updated and is now done entirely online at a dedicated webpage. Please note it’s still Beta and may not be 100% perfect!

As our new verify system is completely incompatible with the old system, ALL members will need to re-verify to regain their verification group. Apologies, but there was no avoiding this.

You don’t have to register, but by registering you will gain some nice features on the Forge Gaming Network Teamspeak 3 server, including:

  • Access to Verified channels
  • Access to Clan/Group channels

How to verify verify_256

Step 1:

Step 2:

Verify at: https://verify.forgegaming.net

Step 3:


Please contact @Fugitive if you have any problems!


Q: Where do I get the token number?

A: The token number will be messaged to you on Teamspeak within a few seconds. If you don’t receive a message please check if you selected the correct Teamspeak user from the dropdown list.

Q: I get an error that my Steam account level is too low?

A: To insure members don’t bypass verification removal by using “smurf” steam accounts, we require a steam account that is authentic to verify. Most legitimate members will have a Steam account which is well above level 3.

Q: I got another error trying to verify?

A: Please press F12 and take a print-screen of your browser window and send the image to @Fugitive on Discord or here (Forum) as a Private Message (PM)!

Q: Why do we have to re-verify when I was already verified?

A: If you’re that interested read on:

  1. The old system was not developed by anyone at FGN and has been abandoned by its developer. It is rather outdated and has many issues. The primary one is requiring members to friend the FGN Steam Bot. Friend lists on Steam have a limit and we reached this often.

  2. Our new system is built from the ground up by @Fugitive using our own REST API, Angular and Firebase. Thus, our new system is easier to maintain

  3. The new system has a completely different database structure for storing verified users which is not compatible with the old database structure, furthermore the new system requires users to login with steam!