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Team Jersey Front - ICE

Team Jersey Back - ICE

Team Jersey Front - NOCT

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Team Shirt: Group buy Information



  • Base Price: R475 per/shirt
  • Name-Tag: on Back R25 (Extra)
Group-Buy Dates?
  • Opens: 01/02/2021
  • Closes: 28/02/2021
Delivery Dates?
  • Estimate: Late March to early April
  • Collection: JHB address (TBA)
  • Delivery: PostNet domestic R100 (Extra)
Payment Methods?
  • See invoice for payment methods! Online secure payment via Stripe
International Orders?
  • Contact @Fugitive here, or on our Discord, to arrange payment and delivery options.
  • Delivery will cost extra and will be subject to regional availability. Subject to import VAT and Taxes as imposed by your country, which you will need to pay.
Pantone Colour Guide?

4k Renders?

Group Buy Progress

Team Deskmat (Coming Soon™)


Can’t wait!~
Great idea bringing merch into FGN - we’ve been around long enough :smiley:

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Loving the colour scheme and can’t wait to see how these turn out :fire:


Wait, do I need glasses or is it blurred out for everyone?

I will admit of what I can see I do agree, the color scheme of cyan (I think) is dope!

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Not just you, we all blind here.

We’re waiting on some information from the printers, if everything is good we will reveal the designs sometime in the coming week, date will be announced ahead of time. We will also host a Q&A once the designs are revealed, on the TS server.

Renders are now live to view! Hope everyone enjoys. :laughing:

These are awesome! I want one! :grin:

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Q: Are the renders 100% accurate to the final product?

A: The short answer is no. They are a good indication, but the final product will have slight difference in colour, collar detail and overall print tolerances, we will post photos of samples when we get them.

Q: What if we don’t reach our MOQ (16)?

A: The group-buy is cancelled and all orders are refunded

Q: Why Navy and Teal

A: Colours were selected based on discussion with FGN members, colours we’ve used on our; Website, Teamspeak and, Discord, colours that look good when printed and designer preference.

Q: Can I have different colours for my order?

A: No

Q: Will these shirts be available again as a round 2 group-buy?

A: Not this exact design

Q: How do I pay?

A: Once your order is placed, you will receive an invoice with payment options! All payments are processed securely by Stripe

Q: How did we determine the price?

A: Price is based on reaching our MOQ to achieve the lowest cost per shirt, along with:

  • Cover manufacturer setup fees
  • Cover unique modifications
  • Cover Pantone colour guides
  • Cover delivery from manufacturer

Q: Are the shirts made in South Africa?

A: The shirts are printed in CPT

Q: What material are the shirts made of?

A: 100% athletic grade polyester - Example

Q: How are the shirts printed?

A: Full shirt dye sublimation

Q: I’ve not received my invoice?

A: Invoices will be sent out starting on the 25th January 2020. Please, be patient as we work to organise each order!

Q: Will Covid-19 affect my order / delivery?

A: We’re not expecting any delays with manufacturing due to Covid, however, delivery may be partially delayed depending on regional lockdowns. However, we’re hoping that by late March - mid April things will be a little easier to work around

Q: Collection address?

A: TBA (We will email the address and when collection will be available)

FGN T-Shirts Update:

Apologies for the delay in updates, we unfortunately hit a delay with the shirt samples. However, we’ve now received our first sample:

The Good:

• We’re pretty pleased with the sample shirt we received.
• The shirt material and assembly quality are above our expectations.
• The print quality and colours are good and accurate to our Pantones.

The not so Good:

• Collar details (whilst printed correctly) clashes with seem. Thus we’ve removed this detail and opted for a static navy blue collar.
• Small error with the design, which was not present in the validation forms, we’ve spoken to the supplier and this is too be addressed.

As a result we’re waiting for a second and hopefully last sample shirt to be produced. Assuming this turns out good, we will submit the complete order and are aiming for the shirts to be with us for final QC in mid - late April.

We’re sorry for the slight delay, but we’re working hard to make sure the shirts turn out excellent!

FGN T-Shirts In-specification examples:


Please acknowledge the following manufacturing characteristics before attempting to raise an issue with the shirt you receive:

Logo registration:

Only affects LARGE (L) ICE shirts. Logo registration is shifted.
We are working with the supplier to find a reasonable solution! (TBA)

Sleeve to shirt pattern alignment:

Note that as the sleeve and shirt are printed separately and then each piece is sown together, the pattern will not align 100%. However, both pieces’ patterns should be orientated the same.

Sleeve fold pattern alignment:

The pattern will not align correctly at the sleeve seem underneath the armpit.

Collar detail removed:

Collar detail has been removed as the detail clashes with the shirt to collar detail. We’ve opted for a solid navy blue collar (Pantone Black 6C).

Design seem alignment:

The design alignment across seems has a tolerance of up to 2cm in all directions. The above photo shows a perfect alignment. However, different size shirts may have slight mis-alignments.

Expected Stitching:

Stitching should be reasonably consistent with minimal loose threads