Forge Gaming Network Minecraft Server 2017

2017 FGN Minecraft

About FGN

Forge Gaming Network is hosting a Vanilla-Like Survival Minecraft server. The server is hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa, we have a small but dedicated community on our Teamspeak 3 server who play regularly. If you are interested in playing on the server why not join our Teamspeak 3?

The server is Online-Mode so you will need a copy of minecraft which you can purchase here.

About the the server

We are using Spigot Server, the most widely used minecraft server software.

The server’s default world is set to survival, however, we will be looking into offering creative at some point during 2017.

Connection details

Client version: 1.11.2

Server seed

We are using a rare seed: 410790182973407 You can explore the map here, however, note the seed was generated on version 1.11.2 and as such may differ if you use this seed on an older or newer version.

Notable Biomes:

Ice Plains (60, 70, -1540)

Jungle Edge M (1470, 68, -310)

Mesa Plateau F (516, 91, 239)

Flower Forest

Mushroom Island


Mega Tiaga

Extreme Hills



Players (Default Group)
  • /b̶a̶c̶k̶ - Removed as not in spirit of Survival mode.
  • /balance
  • /balancetop
  • /compass, /direction
  • /delhome
  • /getpos
  • /help
  • /home
  • /info
  • /itemdb
  • /list
  • /mail
  • /motd
  • /msg
  • /near
  • /pay
  • /recipe, /method, /formula
  • /rules
  • /sell
  • /sethome, /createhome
  • /spawn
  • /suicide
  • /tpaccept
  • /worth ‘/price’
  • /worth ‘/price’
  • /biomeinfo
  • /biomelist
  • /chunkinfo

There’s 3 kind of players in minecraft. Those who can count and those who can’t.