Guild War 2 map completion no Longer requires WvW

Fantastic news for anybody who has put off map completion, like myself. ArenaNet have announced that map completion no longer requires exploration of the World vs World maps. Which are notorious for both being difficult to complete due to enemy players trying to kill you and of course borderlands which are not currently available to your world.

ArenaNet stated that once the change goes through players should see an update to their percentage of map exploration.

Oddly I remember mentioning this to friends a few months ago, thinking how odd it was that the WvW maps counted towards map exploration considering the WvW maps lie outside of the games primary plot and exist in a sort of “any-thing-the-devs-feel-like-zone” called the mists. I never imagined them to actually make this change so this is fantastic news to me.

What’s your opinion does this make world completion just too easy now? And what do you think your map exploration will be on after the change?

I don’t agree with this in the slightest. The point of it is to explore ALL areas of the game.

Ok, and I get that but the world vs world maps require you to explore zones which are virtual carbon copies of the previous zone due to the maps symmetry. On top of this when I’m in WvW I want to be playing WvW not arbitrarily running around looking for vistas and POI.

Honestly the mess started, IMO, when arena net made the WvW zone completely separate to the world of GW2. The Mists is great from a dev point of view but it also represents a complete cop out interns of linking Mists content to the exist worlds plot and lore.

I’ve always believed if they wanted map exploration to also take the WvW zones into account then WvW should have taken place in regions of the existing world of Tyria, just like Factions did it in GW1, in Cantha. But here is the catch how would you balance that, a naturally designed world map can never be symmetrical with 1/3 of the map repeated 3 times. Then there is the lore issue, world vs world those worlds should not exist even mega server tries to remove the distinction, but the different worlds represent real world server limitations. To have placed WvW into Tyria would have required factions vs factions.

Honestly as WvW has nothing and no impact on the actual games story and many people don’t enjoy it, not my self, WvW has no place counting towards map exploration. It’s pure boring grind with an incredibly annoying time and accessibility gate, which I had no time for.

Maybe what’s more important now is that ArenaNet add Dry Top, Silverwaste and Southsun Cove to map exploration as I can’t see a valid reason they are not.