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Share and discuss your Guild Wars 2 PvE, PvP and WvW builds here. Create new ones with community feedback or ask about existing builds you’ve found or made. Please however, follow the layout for sharing a build as follows:


  • Build Name: Name your build
  • Class Type: Mesmer
  • Weapon Types: Sword/Pistol & Greatsword
  • Pv: PvP
  • Link to build page:
  • About:

How you use the build, what to look out for in battles and what skills to use. Especially skill order, we’re here, as much to share our builds as to explain how to use them effectively

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@Jamie can provide great help with Mesmers, @Dual_Freedom knows tons about Warriors, Elementalist and Necromancers and @Marxox mains a guardian

Thanks for providing the link :smiley:

This build is for one of my Mesmers. I would post other class builds, but its always changing.

This is Chloe Moo Moo’s build:

Name: The Jamie build
Class Type: Mesmer
Weapon Types: Greatsword and Staff
Pv: PvP
Link to build page: Link

About: Its basically a phantasm build. But I made it up, so idk how effective it will be for everyone else XD

Chloe Moo Moo’s PvE build:

Name: Outlast and res all the people XD
Class: Mesmer
Weapon Types: Greatsword and Staff or Sword/Focus
Pv: PvE
Link to build page: Link

About: I have 26-27k health on this build and I love it. I still deal good amounts of damage, but at the same time, I outlast everyone and make an excellent resser. I absolutely love my build, and it works beautifully in fractals and dungeons :slight_smile:

Updated: 10/03/2015
I will try keep this build up-to date as often as possible, so check back for updates.

Build Name: Illusion of Immortality
Class type: Mesmer
Weapons: Sword/pistol & Sword/focus
Pv: PvP (Can be used in WvW)
Link to build page: Illusion of Immortality


This is my primary PvP build but can of course be used in WvW and even PvE. The build works off of a unique Trait locked under Dueling called Blurred Inscriptions VIII. This trait is IMO possibly the best mesmer trait. What it does is that on activating a signet you gain 1s of Distortion: which allows you to evade ALL attacks.

**Click to see Traits**

Pair Blurred Inscriptions with the following signets: Signet of the Ether (Heal), Signet of Domination and Signet of Midnight along with your swords second ability: Blurred Frenzy and your fourth shatter: Distortion and you have a total of 5 distortions ready to be activated immediately. If used and conserved correctly this can allow a melee and reasonably glass cannon mesmer to ignore almost all damage.

**Click to see Utility Skills**

The trade off is that you won’t do as much damage or have as good mobility as a berserker build, but you will last far longer in fights. Using a combination of stealth skills such as: Decoy and Mass Invisibility gives you good utility as well as being able to juke your opponent. This build I find works really well in 1v1 and 1v2 but less well against mobs (hence its poorer results in WvW.)

Learning exactly what each of your signets does and only using a specific one in a given scenario will make this build far more useful than if you spam each signet just for the added Distortion.

I may consider changing the Runes which I use but need to look into a better alternative.