Guild Wars 2 General Discussion

As a Hardcore Guild Wars 1 & 2 player, I would like to make a thread giving you guys the chance to introduce yourselves and your Guilds to the Forum.

I will be constantly watching this thread to answer all your Question, whether you are hardcore like me and looking for some discussion or a new player.

Introducing your self:

  • Do you play Guild Wars 2 ( or 1 )? If not, are you interested in doing so? If so, how did you find it?
  • Your game name, race and class?
  • What server do you play on?
  • What level are you?
  • Are you into PvE, sPvP, WvW or all?
  • Anything else you want to tell us? :slight_smile:

For hardcore players here are some more question you could ask:

  • Looking for teams or Guilds for GvG or sPvP
  • Recruiting others for Guilds and dungeons
  • Builds you created and guides
  • Help and information
  • Don’t forget about cool lore and story speculation is most welcome

There are many other question and idea you can throw out here, enjoy some Guild Wars discussions :slight_smile:

You can add me in game: Dual Freedom.2741

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First things first I don’t play Guild Wars 2 much anymore, but I want to get back into it :smiley:

My in game id is FugiTive Legacy.5179 and my only level 80 is Ayra the Fearless

Along with @Dual_Freedom @Alpha_MarcBerman and @typhoonbot we all played Guild Wars 1 some took it more seriously than others. When Guild Wars 2 was released I participated in all the betas and shortly after release leveled my first character to 80.

  • IGN: Arya the Fearless
  • Race: Asuran
  • Class: Mesmer
  • Server: Aurora Glade (possibly looking to move)
  • Guild: Grawl Just Wanna Have fun [FUN]

Thing’s I enjoy the most in Guild Wars 2 are PvE, I really love exploring the map and just finding and completing new zones, hence I’m eagerly awaiting the expansion. I also enjoy WvW.

  1. I would really appreciate any advice on things to do before the expansion, I don’t have all the new living world unlocked though and have not explored some of the newer maps/content.

  2. Also I’m not sure what has significantly changed on the mesmer and
    any recommended builds would be great :smiley:

  3. Finally as I’m looking to move server what server would you guys suggest, what are you currently on?

Thanks :smiley:

I am a die hard Guild Wars 2 fan… Like seriously, its borderline obsession.

I would describe myself as a Mesmer Guardian, as they’re the 2 classes that I play the most and love. I have 3 mesmers. THREE. Halp.Me.

Overall, I have 10 characters, one of each class, 6 level 80’s.

I am currently prepping my main character:

Name: Jamie Duskhaze
Race: Norn (I have a thing for norns…)
Class: Mesmer

Server: Aurora Glades.

I am currently an Officer for Gamers Republic of South Africa [RSA], and I am always looking for South African players, new and Veteran alike, to join our ranks :smile:

As for game play, I am an all rounder. I am training to become a WvW commander, I’m currently irritating everyone in PvP with my Phantasm build, and of course, I am a PvEr. Fractals and dungeons FTW.

I am always looking to meet new people on GW2, because pugging sucks.

I am definitely taking @Dual_Freedom up on his offer to add him in game. Apparently, he’s as obssessed as me over the game XD

Yeah, but I am always wanting to help new players :smile:

Also, @Marxox, get your butt online so we can PvP.

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I play Gw2 two, to [spoiler]huk up wif al dah grills in sout afreeca.
My lagondory skillz in pee v pee make them cum at me so quick and they get like a watervall down der! /s[/spoiler]

I got GW2 at launch and hated it at 1st, as I was inexperienced in MMOs. I lost interest and stopped playing up until mid 2013!

My in-game ID is: Marxox.4972 and my main character is Oscar The Legged

I used to play PvE content with my lads @Fugitive, @John and @Dual_Freedom (senpai-kun) but Fugitive and John stopped playing and left Liam-pie and I all alone. :’(

  • IGN: Oscar The Legged
  • Race: Charr Master Race
  • Class: Guardian Master Class
  • Server: Seafarer’s Rest
  • Guilds: Grawl Just Wanna Have Fun [FUN] and Gamers Republic of South Africa [RSA]

PvP is currently what I do in GW2 and I play a meditation guardian and also a bunker guardian!

@Fugitive as for 1. Play some PvP, get more familiar with the Meta-skills of your class! As for 2. is very useful for builds! As for 3. Seafarer’s Rest is currently the best server in EU, I’d go there!

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Guild Wars 2 is such a mixed bag for me. On one hand, I love the world, the combat and the PvP. On the other… GIVE ME MY HOLY TRINITY BACK :cry: I’ve been looking for a game to lose myself in end-game PvE content with friends for years now, ever since I stopped playing WoW. I had hoped that GW2 would be the game to fill that niche, but alas, it was not. Perhaps I came in from a bad perspective, hoping for Guild Wars 2 to be exactly what it tries so hard to not be. Personally, Guild Wars 2 PvE content just never keeps me engaged for long enough to ever make substantial progress.

If ever I could converse with the great pantheon that is ArenaNet, I would ask for just two things: HEALING. RAIDS. thx wil pay with tha seksie tyms.

Anyways, I still enjoy occasional PvP so if you ever see me online, HMU yo.

Peace :smile:

Will try not to derail the thread, but @John if you are looking for a good quality MMO with a type of Holy Trinity I would strongly suggest you check out Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Yes it is a subscription model game, however I do believe that you can try it out for free. It’s not too difficult pre level 40 but after that it gets tough and much of the content is centered around group raids and dungeons.

FFXIV is a much more traditional MMO, its has a massive amount of end game content and can be incredibly complex and challenging if you keep at it. Just my two cents. :laughing:

What’s up?

I have a level 80 human ranger if some DPS is needed :smile:

  • IGN: Zavarious
  • IGI.D shimmi.4976
  • Server: Whiteside Ridge

I have only played GW2 for about a month or two then kinda got bored of it, however I mainly enjoyed doing dungeons with friends, and of course PVP.

I consider myself a noob in GW so help will be greatly appreciated.

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