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#Gamer’s Republic of South Africa

(Aka Guild Wars 2 Guild)

updated 21/02/2016

Who are we?
One of the largest South African Guild Wars 2 guilds, currently on Aurora Glade. We also are involved in other games such as League of Legends, Skyforge, Battlefield 4, Warhammer, and many more.

What do we do?
We provide a chance for South Africans to be a part of a great gaming community which is not short of amazing gamers and humour.

Do we have an events schedule?
Guild Wars 2:

  • Sunday 7PM (GMT+1) - Guild Puzzle and Guild Challenge
  • Monday at 8PM (GMT+1) - Guild Bounty Hunt and Guild Rush

What else do we do?
Join our Facebook Group page here.

What’s the purpose of this thread?
This thread for all intents and purposes, will serve as a “Home” for the RSA guild & all things GW2 related. MySelf & @SgtFluffy are our primary moderators and will be here to discuss or answer any questions you have about the Guild and take suggestions / ideas for improvement. It will also serve as a place for members of the Guild to be recognized for significant posts.


  • Discover New Interesting Guild Wars 2 facts, events and theory.
  • Share Content We Like With Others
  • Expose New People To Guild Wars 2 and the RSA Guild
  • Have Fun

How to join RSA:
If you have an interest in joining Gamers Republic of South Africa, are a South African Citizen (or ex-pat) and are over the age of 16:


  1. Discover New Interesting Guild Wars 2 facts, events and theory.
  2. Share Content We Like With Others
  3. Expose New People To Guild Wars 2 and the RSA Guild
  4. Have Fun

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Hey everyone, welcome to our very own RSA thread on the FGN forums. This thread is for us to post anything about or for the guild, If you have something you want to share or ask feel free to put it here.

My IGN is SgtFluffy.8216. Just ask if there is something that you need to know.


Welcome to the Forums RSA.

I know currently you guys are mainly using your Facebook Group for discussion, but have discussed using a forum.

The FGN forum is designed for ease of use, it may look a bit confusing at first but offers a far richer environment to share discussions and content then virtually any other platform, especially Facebook. If you are interested in how to make your posts look good head here: Comprehensive List of Features

Feel free to also join in else where on the forum!

Hope you enjoy!

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