Hardware prices set to increase in SA

For the past 2 years South Africans have seen hardware prices increases and unfortunately that trend is set to continue. Last week saw the South African rand weaken from R11.39 to the US dollar to R12.48 on 13 March 2015. This drop is set to hurt the SA consumer pocket’s especially in terms of tech prices.

Our currency’s weakness will hit the computer industry, where nearly all the equipment is imported, particularly hard. Apart from the direct impact of higher wholesale prices for computing products, transport costs will also increase.

Mahomed Cassim, CEO of technology importer Esquire, said that while the weak rand has not impacted the market much yet, it is set to happen soon. He said consumer should prepare themselves for a price increase of around 6% to 9% in the next few weeks: in-line with the rand’s decline against the dollar.

“Items like mobile phones and tablets, which are usually only brought in by air freight, have already seen a price increase,” said Cassim.

Source My Broadband

PC consumers will see the first signs of a price increases on items such as, hard disk drives, flash drives, RAM, and other fast moving items which are brought in by air freight.

However this trend is also set to hit items which are imported by sea freight, such components include monitors and motherboards and unless the rand strengthens consumers will see a price increase here to.

Have you noticed a price increase in tech, do you know of any good companies which have good deals and do you see this affecting you?

Thank you for this very informative post. As unfortunate as this is for all South Africans mostly ones in the I.T field and businesses this is something we have no control over. South Africa’s rand has been weakening over the past ±10 years and it is very difficult to say if it would get stronger as the years go by. Major retail stores such as incredible connection have such a major mark up on their products as it is. This saddens me however we do not have control over the fluctuation of the exchange rate therefor we have to just face these issues as it comes. With that said, we do have some ‘decent’ price stores such as pc zone. I would like to know how this store maches with stores overseas. It would be very interesting to know http://www.zones.co.za Thanks