Have you played Ori and the Blind Forest?

Developer Moon Studio’s new IP Ori and the Blind Forest has seen some very positive reviews since its launch in Yesterday and I’m considering buying it. The only draw back is that it is £14.99 on Steam, which is just a touch expensive for an indie game.

I’m curious to find out who has played it and what they have thought about the game. It looks very polished but I’m wondering how much game do you get for £14.99?

If you are unfamiliar with the game check out the review at Polygon!

I bit the bullet and bought it on Steam. Once I’ve played through it a good amount I will write what I thought of it here :smiley:

@Marxox if you’re interested in playing it off steam share just ask.

@Marxox I hope you’re enjoying the game :wink:

Ok first off Holly Balls!

This game is even better than what I was first expecting and my expectations where pretty high to begin with.

The game introduces you to a beautifully rendered world and two intriguing characters. The first 10min of the game felt very cinematic, but in a totally good way. The game explains its basic controls and mechanics during this point and in no time you are skipping around with your new “chubby” friend. But then everything changes and the games story becomes dark and foreboding.

As I progressed through the first hour of game play I became more appreciative of the games shear quality. Movement is fluid yet dynamic, attacking is simple but complex to master and the puzzles become more complex but are always exciting as its relatively clear what you need to do, the challenge is in the doing.

After making my way to the “big tree” the game starts to open up a lot more, I gained some very useful skills such as wall jump and double jump. The game’s mastery tree is impressively deep, with 3 paths to level up: offensive, utility and defensive.

My particularly favourite skill so far has been the arrow jump which allows you to use lanterns, enemy projectiles and enemies themselves to both launch you in a particular direction but also redirect the projectile/enemy in the opposite. Chained together in quick succession makes this skills end results both impressive and incredibly satisfying when achieved correctly. My only slight criticism here is that whilst I’ve played the entire game on controller, the arrow skill I’ve found significantly easier to target with my PC’s mouse.

So far Ori and the Blind Forest is an absolute must buy for any gamer!