Help, looking for Skyrim mods


So I’m looking to try out Skyrim again. I played a little bit of it when it was first released and used some mods which made the game look better, I’ve still got it installed but just haven’t gotten into it.

There are tons of visual improvement mods out there and I’m curious to know what you guys use, both to improve the games visuals but also the games gameplay and extra content.

Any suggestions and recommendations would be much appreciated

Thanks :smiley:

First off you’ll need to get Skyrim Script Extender: This is a necessity for many essential mods to Skyrim.

First ones you should get are these (Install them in the order posted):

  1. Unofficial Skyrim Patch
  2. Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
  3. Unofficial Dragonborn Patch
  4. Unofficial Hearthfire Patch

Load these after the corresponding .esm (Like this:

These are some ones that I find essential:

These are mods that I highly recommend:

  1. SkyFalls and SkyMills
  2. Windmills Resized
  3. Ethereal Elven Overhaul (SO MUCH BETTER)
  4. RS Children Overhaul
  5. The 2 FSS (reduces delay between dialogue)
  6. No spinning death animation
  7. No heavy muscular walk and idle
  8. Animations
  9. Skyrim Unbound
  10. Bowlegged jump animation Fix
  11. Running with your Bow Replacer
  12. Immersive Animations
  13. More realistic carrying
  14. Skyrim -Community- Uncapper
  15. Civil War Overhaul
  16. All item weight adjustments
  17. Improved Dragon Shouts (dont use on lower than adept difficulty due to its power)
  18. Golden Vendors
  19. Item Rewards For Bounties - WG
  20. Realistic Ragdolls and Force
  21. Way of the Monk
  22. Enhanced Blood Textures
  23. Jaysus Swords
  24. Footprints
  25. Splash of Rain
  27. Pure Water
  28. SMIM (read the instructions to avoid bugs
  29. Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting - Audio
  30. Real Clouds
  31. Realistic Lighting Overhaul
  32. Wearable Lanterns
  33. Convenient Horses
  34. INIGO (best follower mod by far)
  35. Amazing Follower Tweaks
  36. Guard Dialogue Overhaul
  37. Skyrim Peasant Fashion
  38. SkyTEST - Animal Behaviour
  39. Dragon Combat Overhaul
  40. Melt Down Everything
  41. Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
  42. Wyrmstooth (interesting added land and quests)
  43. Books Covers Skyrim
  44. Expanded Towns and Cities
  45. Apachii Sky Hair
  46. Apachii Natural Redo
  47. Apachii on NPCs
  48. moreHUD
  49. LOD Improvement

That’s it for now. I’ll post more when I feel like it :smile:

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@Marxox Wow, nice list :astonished:

Well this will take some time to install :smiley:

This will bring me back into this game, thank you :slight_smile:

What’s your opinion on Project ENB as an alternative to RealVision ENB?

From the little I’ve seen Gamma on RealVision ENB is not so great and honestly I’m looking for more subtle coloring anything too vivid feels artificial and whilst playing kinda tires my eyes.

Just curiouse as both are being kept up-to date but some users of RealVision ENB have moved to Project ENB and are saying they prefer it.

Though, I’ve also seen criticism that Project ENB end results make environments look too light.

PS: Another great mod you did not list:

my current situation all mods installed and along with a few others, with exception to a few of @Marxox recommendations.

###Before running Skyrim make sure to do the following:

  1. Install BOSS: Load order sorting for Oblivion, Skyrim and more
  2. Run BOSS and open the generated BOSSlog.html
  3. See listed errors and warnings
  4. Follow instructions to resolve these
  5. Ideally you want 0 warnings and 0 error

###Sounds of Skyrim
Wow these guys are a pain in the ass, no matter whether installing the Full version or the Compatibility Patches I’m still getting major errors generated by BOSS.

It would appear they are incompatible with Climates Of Tamriel, I would recommend simply not installing them for the time being.

###ApachiiSkyHair NPC

  • ApachiiHairStyles.esp
  • ApachiiHairStylesELVES.esp

Is incompatible with Skyrim Unbound

Update: Had more trouble with the NPC hair, loading saves just displays a black screen, with audio. Disabling the mod fixed, yet re-installing did nothing to solve this!

###Convenient Horses
Would appear to occasionally cause a new game to load incorrectly. The cart bounces all over the place and can get stuck. Reinstalling the mod should fix this.

###Extra Note
The use of all these mods together can occasionally cause the intro dragon to not land, resulting in an endless flight. To solve simply start the game with all mods off and create character and begin game. Make a save, turn on all mods and load save. Finally use showracemenu to recreate character with mods.

That’s odd, I don’t use Skyrim Unbound but I use something exactly like it (Alternate Start - Live Another Life) as I don’t like steam subscriber ones.

Sounds of Skyrim works perfectly for me even with CoT installed… It might be your load order.

I’ll look into Project ENB.

I’ve got Unbound disabled as I want to play the game from the start, as a result I could most probably enable ALL ApachiiHair mods and be fine.

As for the SoS mods, it is BOSS showing major compatibility errors with them and Climates of Tamriel. On SoS there is a CoT compatibility fix, however once this was installed, starting Skyrim immediately resulted in a crash to desktop.

It’s possible that just having SoS installed and leaving the errors will allow you to start Skyrim but BOSS, suggests that during the game SoS may crash.

###More recommended mods!

  • Project ENB - Seems better than RealVision ENB, install is much more complex though!
  • Falskaar - Possibly the best DLC for Skyrim which provides new lore, story and even a new region!
  • Skyrim Bigger Trees - Maybe they will be too big for you or maybe you will love them.
  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul - There is not denying Skyrim is kinda bland, this should solve it, but performance will be hit!
  • Better Torches - The vanilla ones are not great
  • Ultimate HD Fire Effects - Because glorious fire!
  • True Storms - Thunder and Rain Redone - Simple, effective and reasonably compatible

###Making good looking female characters
Here is a really good guide, very in depth, however, I would strongly avoid using FNIS as it seems very buggy, look for animation mods which don’t require it!

####Here is a useful vanilla quick start save, can be used with or without mods:

  • Download - Starts as dragon lands, use command showracemenu to setup your character!

Edit: I believe this Vanilla save requires all DLC content including Falskaar.

I think no one should use mods because it increase the unsuitability of game. I am going from here