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  • What games, anime, music, books or films have you read/watched?
  • Which was your first, and which is your favourite?
  • How did you find
  • What are some of your interests outside of FGN?


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Hey all

I’m FugiTive, I’m South African but live in the UK. Along with @Dual_Freedom and @Alpha_MarcBerman we created Forge Gaming Network and am an admin here.

I enjoy League of Legends as well as Guild Wars 2, but don’t really play GW2 that much anymore. I’m also a massive Final Fantasy fan and am eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy XV. As for anime my favourites would be: Eureka Seven, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Steins;Gate, Bleach, thats just to name a few! Books I’ve enjoyed would be His Dark Materials Trilogy, which is brilliant others would include Wind on Fire and many of Dan Browns books. Finally films I’ve enjoyed would include: Lord of the Rings and more recently Guardian’s of the Galaxy.

Outside of FGN I’ve study and have a BA(Hons) in Architecture, I also enjoy programing, at the moment mainly in PHP.

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Hey this Rayden

Admin and Team VC for Poisoned Edge in Axe

Where in the world do you live?
Durban - OH YEAH I am a Knight

What games, anime, music, books or films have you read/watched?
osu!,LOL,COD AW,BF4,Dying Light - I love ROCK

Which was your first, and which is your favourite?
COD 4 was my first but my favourite is osu!

How did you find
I am to good to find you :smile:

What are some of your interests outside of FGN?

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Welcome to the FGN forum.

As you can see things are brand new and we’ve just started. With more people there will be slot more content and this is the start.

Don’t forget to set an avatar in your profile, and the more you post the more reputation you will gain.

My name is Marco, AKA Meowingtons/Marxox/Oscar.

I live in Centurion, South Africa but I plan to move to any foreign country ASAP.


  • League Of Legends
  • Starcraft 2
  • Guild Wars 2

As you can see my interests lie in strategy oriented games.

Anime: (I will be listing my favourites in order of favouritism)

  • Monogatari Series (Mostly Second Season)
  • Toradora!
  • Steins;Gate
  • Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (The Flower We Saw That Day)
  • No Game No Life
  • Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica


I am a very big fan, if not a fanboy, of Drum n Bass music. Any drum and bass. Liquid, neurofunk, techstep. You can throw any dnb tunes my way and I’ll appreciate them.

I was one of the people who were there with the forming of FGN! :smile:

My interests are making jokes and focusing on my academic career at school.

I am the youngest admin on our teamspeak server at:!

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Think I need to add those to our anime topic: what’s you favourite anime poll :smile:

Sup guys

Yes im the local indian wannabee. Im from Durban and the games I love playing are mainly League Of Legends and CounterStrike Global Offence.

I don’t really do much reading, what i currently do besides FGN hmmmm… Well I work as a diagnostic technician at Volkswagen.

I Love watching movies and series , simply love Game of Thrones and Suits.

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At least you tried to sound civilized. We will always love you though! :joy:

@Marxox 'm gonna let that fly :smiley:

@Marxox lol the coco made me do it :confused:

My name is Jamie. #Hashtag

I live in Gauteng and am currently studying, because education.

I play a lot of Guild Wars 2, I just started playing League of Legends, and I am a big fan of the Elder Scrolls (yes, I’ve played Oblivion, but I love Skyrim more).

I am a Council Member (Leader) for Gamers Republic of South Africa [RSA] in Guild Wars 2.

My favourite movie series is Pirates of the Caribbean, because pirates.

And this is the first and last time I will ever get Jamie as my username. So thanks XD

I also enjoy long, romantic walks to the fridge :blush:

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Whattup yo. I’m John.

Been in this gaming business since day one, hating the players and loving the game. I play too much Total War and too little LoL.

Music is everything to me. It’s the one constant in my life, the one abstract thing that gives more order to chaos than any equation, theory or explanation I’ve yet found. I don’t have a favourite genre but if Mr Carmack were a genre I’d bump that fire out the aux all day long :wink:

I live in South Africa. It’s cool here; we have Chicken Licken and Chesenyamas so I can’t complain. You want fried chicken (which you do), we’ve got it.

I found because I’m always forgetting stuff. I’d give my brain a 3/10, would not tap that.

Outside of FGN, I do extreme iron-boarding and hope to be the number one extreme iron-boarder one day. Look for me at your next local iron-boarding competitions under the moniker “xX_Abs_Ironboard_McLovin_69XxX”

See you around. xdddddddd


Greetings good people!

My name is Shaamiel and I am the 2nd indian/arab from Durban @wannabee lel. I have been gaming since DOS PC’s and Atari were the “in thing”. My first MMO that got me addicted to online gaming was a game called Ultima Online which was in alpha stages back in 1997. I started playing Ultima in 2000, yes I was 9 years old lol. Since then I’ve been crazy about online games especially competitive ones. LONG term games I have played/play are as follows, earliest->currently.

  • Ultima Online <3 <3 <3 (home phone not in service after 8pm)
  • Runescape 07 (yes I spent hours cutting down trees for logs)
  • Diablo 2 + LOD (Pally FTW)
  • Starcraft broodwar (expansion)- Asians. Nuff said.
  • Warcraft 3 (dota1)
  • CS 1.6 (ISDN FTW)
  • WoW (Reason I almost failed gr9)
  • COD mw2 (fun fun fun) where I met @wannabee
  • GW2
  • Currently play CS:GO + League Of Legends

Anime: Attack on Titan (Shingeki Nyu Kyugen) I have not watched any other anime’s, I’m not a die hard fan.
Music: dnb, dubstep, trance, minimal, hip hop, rap & rnb. (If it’s good, I listen)
Favorite movie of all time: Fight club (RULE #1)

Other than gaming I’m into fitness I teach martial arts and self defense in which I did not study, dad taught me.

FAQ: Bro, do you even lift? A: Yes :stuck_out_tongue: "dbnPoizon, oooh you must be a big stoner?: A: Lol not at all, respect the herb, don’t abuse it

Currently a student at iSolve which is partnered with Microsoft. Major in networking; a bit of programming (C#) as well as mobile app design.
Also a trial admin for FGN’s TS Server :slight_smile:

Peace <3

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Real Name: Marc Berman
Nickname: Crunchie/RaZoR

About me:

  • I live in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Gaming sucks. I play League of Noobs. I hate every second of it.
  • I can like to be going to the gym with my boet.
  • I am passionate about web development and programming in general
  • I love Lord of the Rings more than life itself. I want the one ring @Jamie xD
  • I didn’t find FGN but founded it with @fugitive .

Come at me bro.

xoxo Gossip Girl


Hey Everyone

My name is Liam
My nicknames are Dual-Freedom or Black ★ Rock Shooter.

About me:

  • I live In UK, Kent however I was born in South Africa

  • I am an Artist and Gamer as well as Studying Multimedia Technology and Design as a BSC Degree.

  • I enjoy art and have done art my entire life, as well as gaming:

    Games: - Guild Wars 1 & 2 - League of Legends - old strategy games

    Anime: - Too long to list but here are a few,

  • Lucky Star (man $%^ the haters :slight_smile: )

  • FLCL

  • Eureka Seven

  • Hyouka

  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

  • Trigun

  • Xam’d Lost Memories

  • Soul Eater

  • Toradora!

  • The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya (all + movie)

  • Gosick

  • all the .hack//

  • Spice and Wolf

Ok I could go on forever, but %$^* Attack on Titan and everthing it is :slight_smile:

What else; love to mess around with my bois @John and @Marxox

and come join my in Guild Wars 2, add me Dual Freedom.2741, if you just want to play or if you are starting out :smile:

Later :3


@Dual_Freedom I miss you :heart_eyes:

@Marxox man fix your net so we can play, need gold 5 man :smiley: :smiley:

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@Dual_Freedom I’ve got you my boi, no worries, I’ll gold 5 you in no time

Welcome to the FGN Forums. I’ve made you a moderator and look forward to having more Guild Wars 2 players here :smile: Also we now have an official Guild Wars 2 Mega Thread!