Introduce Yourself!



My name is Craig, although most people just call me Fluffy.

I live in Johannesburg

I mainly play League of Legends at the moment while waiting for the Guild Wars 2 expansion.
I am one of the current leaders of the GW2 RSA guild.

I have watched way to many anime to list, some of my favourites include things like Full Metal Alchemist and Attack on Titan.
I have never really been a book person but I did enjoy the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Guild Wars Books.


Welcome to the Forum’s @SgtFluffy

Hope you enjoy the content and hopefully more people from RSA join :smiley:


I am JohnB from Pretoria South Africa, Owner of a small manufacturing company
i like games tough i am not good, i still try
50 years old
two sons


Hello everyone!

SOOOOoooo…since FugiTive asked me: “Did you ever register on the forums?” - let´s do it now.
I did and here I am now.

I´m Dakora, also called Mel. I´m a German/American living in Germany (wooop wooop 34 Ping) and I am 25, Graphics Designer. I´m the one in the TS with the funny accent.

So back in the days, after the SuperNintendo and SuperMario, Final Fantasy, Lufia and even Windows 95 - childrens games like “Hugo” (For all that don´t know it - ) I fell in love with Games. I was 5 years old back then - that game was the shit! And you know it - a lot of stress with my mom. Back then “Internet” was way too expensive so these games came later on :wink:

I went from all sorts of Nintendo Games and Hugo, to Anno and to SimCity. Later on played the PlayStation. Can´t even remember those games right o,O - just that I LOVED Mortal Combat. I always loved drawing and when Pokémon, Dragonballs & Co dragged all the kids - including me - infront of the TV, my drawings became more and more Mangas. Yes I know…“Sailor Moon” was out there before as well but that was too much love story for me at the age of 6-7, because Boys are stupid. The first actual Manga I ever read was Wish! Yepp I borrowed that one out of the Town Library. And I could only read book 2 and 7. What made no sence at all. Later on in 2014 I found a scanning of the whole Manga in a Forum. YAY!

So actually I can´t put all of the Animes and Mangas down here since that will be a long list.
Favorite Animes is still The Vision of Escaflowne. <3 & Clannad - thx for that hint Dylan.
Favorite Manga is Furuba :wink: Very Cute.

Addicted to Online Games actually made me World of Warcraft. Spend lot of years in this world. :stuck_out_tongue: Still went to school.

Now it is LoL and still I manage to play a few hours of SWToR with my best friend.

My favorite Table Top settings are definately Exalted and Cuthulu. Yes I play Pen and Paper Games as well.

Who introduced me to FGN? - It´s all Dylans fault. (DvD, Shimada Kambei) He brought me to LoL and the FGN TS end of September/15. Thanks to him I was able to meet all of you :blush:

What else then gaming do I actually do for fun? I love my work. I love to be creative and create nice things. Also professional peaces. Branding, CI & DC. Mostly Digital Art and 3D Modeling.

Thx for reading : 3

PS.: If I could I would slice a peace of fast Internet off for you guys, and ship it to the south.


Welcome to the FGN forums @DaKoRa Awsome to have new members from other parts of the world. Hope you’ve enjoyed your time so far. I would be more concerned about hearing that someone introduced you to League of Legends, thankfully FGN is full of frenziedly league players :smiley:

As you said you were interested in Anime, check out the Anime Channel on the FGN TS Server, it’s got a good list of anime which everyone new to anime should check out.

Also for anyone who enjoys really good mystery anime do check out: Boku dake ga Inai Machi This one took me by total surprise and is proving to be not only the Series of Winter 2016 but possibly an all time top anime!


Welcome to the forums @johnbey


Well tho actually he DID introduced me to LoL! HAHAHA Since I was way too focused on work, other games and so on…so I never really read much about LoL OR tried it out. :wink: Thx for the hint. Will check the Anime list out! Also the mystery Anime :smiley: