Jarvis Bot - How to use

Introducing Jarvis Bot

Jarvis is an extensible Teamspeak 3 bot written in modern JavaScript, by @Fugitive
Jarvis can be extended by building your own plugins, and issuing a Pull requests on GitHub!

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1. How to use Jarvis?

Jarvis lurks in the ★ HELP DESK ★ channel, but you probably can’t see him! So first we need to make a change to your Teamspeak 3 client settings, as follows:

Make Jarvis Visible

1.) Right click on the Teamspeak 3 Toolbar and click Customise Toolbar as seen in this image:


2.) Next we need to search for Toggle ServerQueryClients and add it to the Selected actions list, by clicking the left-hand-green-arrow button and click close, as follows:


3.) Your Teamspeak 3 Toolbar should now appear as follows:


4.) Make sure the Toggle ServerQueryClients is clicked (will be shaded blue), and you should be able to see Jarvis in the ★ HELP DESK ★ channel, as follows:


What Commands Does Jarvis Accept?

Jarvis accepts a growing range of commands, therefore to see all the commands Jarvis presently accepts, type the following command:

!help - Get a list of commands and a description of each command

Jarvis will respond as follows:


Not all commands can be used by everyone, as some are only for admins to use such as !createClan. However, others such as !joinMe cab be used by members with the following groups:

  • All Admins
  • Herald Tier and Above
  • Verified - May be removed in future!

Using A Command

!joinMe is a feature we’re providing to dedicated FGN users who’ve gained higher tier groups and can join special private-channels, others can’t join. However, being on your own is no fun, so you can use Jarvis’s !joinMe command to ask your friends to join you in your private channel. Note that your friends don’t need ANY group to accept the request!

Some commands, like !joinMe require <parameters>, parameters must include the < and > for each parameter. Such a command which requires parameters is !joinMe which would look like this:


The requested client would receive the following message from Jarvis and can type !yes or !no to accept the request:


2. How to get your CSGO Rank?


Make Jarvis visible

  1. Make sure you are Verified!

  2. Make sure you’ve followed the above instructions to Make Jarvis Visible

  3. You should now see Jarvis Bot in the channel: ★ HELP DESK ★ - Poke or Join for Help

  1. Right click on Jarvis Bot and click Open Text Chat


Get your Steam ID

There are two methods to get your steam ID, we need to make sure this is your SteamID64, which would look something like this: 12341198048391234

Method 1: Use the Steam client

Open Steam client, then click on your Steam Profile Name


Method 2: Use a steam ID website

If your steam profile does not contain a number, then copy the URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/the_fugitive/ and past this into a steam ID website.

We recommend Steamid.io


Register your SteamID with Jarvis

Now you type the following command in text chat to Jarvis Bot: !registerCSGO <Steam64ID>

NOTE: Make sure to include the < and > brackets!
NOTE: You will also need to be friends with the bot on Steam! The bots profile is: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198308070847/


More commands and rank ups

Jarvis Bot will check every 2 hours if your CSGO rank has changed, you will receive the updated rank icon only when you are online on Teamspeak.

You can also use the following commands:

!statusCSGO - Checks if you are registered
!deregisterCSGO - Used to unregister your Steam ID and removes your CSGO rank icon

3. Future and Suggestions

We will slowly be adding more commands to Jarvis however, Jarvis is rather easy to program your own plugin for so please feel free to take a look at my github-desktop GitHub repository to see how you could create your own plugin.

However, if programming is not your forte, we are also taking requests for Plugin Ideas.

Submit Suggestions

Please feel free to ask, however, we would appreciate you use this Forum Thread to suggest ideas. Please include the following information:

  1. Description of the Plugin (What it does and what it does NOT do!)
  2. Who can use the Plugin (Verified users, tier group users, etc…)
  3. Why the Plugin is required (Does TS not have this feature, or permissions don’t allow this)