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Hey handsome FGN folks!

I’d like to try something new here, because I know we don’t really updated the public on the behind the scenes that often. This is a little blog series that I’d like to write, so you guys can understand what’s going on in my life and with FGN.

###March Update

What an interesting two weeks it has been. I’ve spent the majority of the last two weeks attending job interviews, which look very promising. In fact I may even start work in the next week. If you don’t know what I do, I studied Architecture in the UK and graduated last year.

In terms of Forge Gaming, March has been a month of fixing bugs, migrating code and improving our servers security.

Oh I also built a new site:


This month we have addressed some major issues with the FGN TS server, the server has been unstable for the last two months with intermittent crashes. I’ve identified the issue on our server and found that our TS instance was crashing due to failing to bind the servers port. However, I’ve not been able to establish what is causing this issue. In order to fix it, we have completely uninstalled TS from the server and reinstalled it following a nice guide which also provides a monitoring tool.

There is a nice command to see what ports are being listened on: netstat -tulpn | less

So far so good, however without knowing what was originally causing the TS instance to not be able to bind it’s ports we can’t say if the reinstall will solve the problem, only time will tell. :tired_face: This is the same implementation we have running on Axe Gaming’s TS which has been stable for over a month.

Good news though, we have our Music Bot back, it tends to disappear now and again. Unfortunately we have to pay for the bot each month and some months we simply can’t justify the luxury. However, if you enjoy the music as much as we do why not consider contributing in order to keep our little bot around? There’s also a heap of commands one can use with the Music Bot, simply check the channels description.

Last but not least the FGN Bot 2.0 has had a slight update, he should now send up-to-date messages about things we offer, links, etc.


I’ve known for a while that our servers have required a security improvement. We have three servers we use for FGN and a fourth for Axe Game:

  • FGN’s (Teamspeak & Minecraft) server - Johannesburg
  • AXE’s (Teamspeak & CSGO) server - Johannesburg
  • FGN’s Forum server - London
  • FGN’s Web server - London

In terms of security improvements some of our servers SSH ports have been changed from port 22 to something “hackers” will be less lightly to target. There is a great guide on how to do this by DigitalOcean, here & here!

Following both guides, I’ve also installed Fail2Ban to stop brute force attacks on our servers and finally I’ve disabled root access on some of the servers.

Overall, the changes are fairly basic but make a considerable difference to the security of each server.

I hope you liked this post, I’d like to do this more regularly, to reflect. :slight_smile:
If you liked it, or totally think it sucked, please comment, so I can do better in the next one.


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