League of Legends General Discussion

Ok, so we are bound to get into a few small chats about it in other threads and some people have posted about playing it in the introduction thread. Therefore I’m preemptively giving League its own thread.

I thought it would also be a good place to ask the people here some questions and help grow the FGN league community!

  • Do you play League of Legends? If not, are you interested in doing so? If so, how did you find it?
  • What server do you play on? do you have any second accounts on other servers?
  • What level are you? If you’re 30, do you play ranked? If so, what rank/division are you?
  • Which position do you play most often?
  • Who is your favorite champion?
  • Do you watch the LCS? Any other streams?

Don’t forget this is also a general discussion thread, so feel free to discuss anything you want about League of Legends.

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It was an intense game to say the least, victory after 1hour and 7minutes :slight_smile: GGWP guys!

Just posted this on our Facebook page, some games go on too long :sleeping: :sleeping: Was a great game though!

yeah u know i had to carry u guys -_-

Won’t lie as someone who has played Janna you probably did, not an easy champ to get a kill on, those 19 assists helped, not surprised people build Mejai’s on her.

So I feel this thread has deviated from its original concept. Going to attempt to set it back on track :stuck_out_tongue:

###About me

  • Of course I play League, I mean who does not?
  • My main account is FugiTive Legacy on EUW and I have another I’m levelling also on EUW.
  • Yup fellow ladder climber here, currently Gold 2 with dreams of Plat.
  • I main mid and support and am completely useless everywhere else.
  • Slightly tough, it was Sydra but she’s become a bit unreliable. I’m enjoying Zyra a lot at the moment.
  • I watch as much NA LCS as possible, as well as, the OddOne’s, Bjergsen’s, DoubleLift’s and BoxBox’s streams.

I’m also looking for any high gold player who is chill, and possibly mains adc to duo with. The hallowed grounds of Plat 5 await :sunny:

My current league life

  • Summoner Name: dbnPoizon FGN
  • Server: EUW
  • Last season division: Gold
  • Current season: Gold
  • Preferred roles: Mid > Bot > Top (I am not good at jungle)
    Favorite Champs
  • Top: Nasus
  • Mid: Ahri/Anivia
  • Bot: Jinx adc
    Leona supp
    Currently spamming adc jinx in all my games so adc bot or feed, lol.

###Some highlights of mine from a few League Games, hope you enjoy.
Feedback is most wanted :smile:

If want me to feature you in future videos let me know!

##Poll Question:
Who do you think/want to win League of Legends Worlds Championship 2015?

If you also want to win a Mystery Skin, comment with your choice and a random correct answer will be selected and I will PM you once Worlds 2015 is over! (PS: I picked SKT)

  • Counter Logic Gaming
  • KOO Tigers
  • Flash Wolves
  • paiN Gaming
  • Cloud9
  • Fnatic
  • Invictus Gaming
  • ahq e-Sports Club
  • SKTelecom T1
  • Edward Gaming
  • H2K
  • Bangkok Titans
  • Origen
  • KT Rolster
  • Team SoloMid
  • LGD Gamin

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I am voting for SKT even though my heart is with Clg and Cloud 9 but a skin is a skin ^^.

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The NA dream is just a dream :cry:

Going for EDG because I have faith in a team I really have no clue about xD

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I vote for Fnatic cos xpeke is peke

Um… You do know that Xpeke is no longer part of Fnatic but left and created ORIGEN :smiley:

i VOTE SKT becuase they are atm the strongest team and Korea>EU

I’ve uploaded some highlights from today’s Worlds Championship Quarterfinals between Fnatic & Edwards Gaming:

Here is a link to the: playlist.

Game 1 Final Fight


Game 2 LeBlanc Triple Kill


Game 3 LeBlanc Baron & End



Watch all the highlights from Day 4 Quarterfinals at the League of Legends World Championship 2015 where KT Rolster take on KOO Tigers.


I vote EDG ,they are a strong team.
League of Legends is my favorite game and i buy the cool [Removed]

I am new here and I think I never played League of Legends game even I am new to these kind of games. I started my gaming at GTA games and know I love to play FreeFire game. The question is, I can Play League of Legends game.