Moving all support from WhatsApp to Slack

As the title suggests we will be moving away from using WhatsApp as a platform for FGN admin communication and support for members. Now there are quite a couple of reasons for this move and I also imagine its going to cause some contention, but I want to keep this post to the point.


We won’t be providing any support on WhatsApp anymore, the FGN public group will remain for now, however all Admin chat will be moving over to Slack!

Why Slack?

  • It’s an enterprise alternative to email and used in many companies as an internal IM.
  • Multiple channels for different types of support queries (this is one of the primary things we need!)
  • Slack helps everyone find the answers they need.
  • Slack helps us track support requests.
  • Slack keeps conversation vs support separate.
  • Very good Mobile, PC, Mac and Web Client.
  • Has an API.

Click to Join Slack

Click Here!

What about WhatsApp?

  • Firstly, the FGN Admin Chat will be removed (all admins will need to use Slack to communicate)
  • Secondly, all member support questions/requests will need to be placed on Slack now!
  • Lastly, the FGN Public Chat will remain for the time being (No support will be provided there however!)

Basic Q&A?

Q.) I don’t want to use Slack?
A.) If you are not an admin that’s fine, however, you won’t get support unless an admin is on TS to assist you! If you’re an admin then I you need to get Slack!

Q.) I preferred WhatsApp?
A.) WhatsApp is great as a basic IM, however, it falls very short of the features we as the admins need to be able to provide reliable support! Slack also has some very nice features for users and is quite similar to Discord’s chat.

Q.) Where do I register for a slack account?
A.) You register directly on the Forge Gaming Network’s Slack page:

Q.) Will FGN’s Slack effect my Company’s Slack?
A.) No, you can join multiple Workspaces!

Q.) Where do I get Slack?
A.) iOS | Android | Mac | Windows | WebClient

Q.) What does Slack look like?
A.) Like this:

Q.) Why not use Discord?
A.) Because we are a local SA Teamspeak community and we are not changing that anytime soon!