New ultra thin macbook

##It’s thin, it looks great but is it practical?

Apple have unveiled their new 12" Macbook, which comes in three colours: Space Grey, Gold and Silver, and it is definitely one thing: Thin! Actually it is ludicrously thin. The new macbook also features Apple’s Retina display with a resolution of 2304 x 1440 and enters with a 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core M (turbo boosts to 2.4GHz) and 8GB of RAM.

The laptop also looks quite different to Apple’s current MacBook Pro and Air range. It features, an entirely new keyboard and an interesting trackpad which does not actually “click” it uses haptic feedback which apparently works quite well.

Honestly, it looks like Apple is trying to shake up the laptop market which has been relatively boring as of late. But what I find very interesting about Apple’s new laptop is its I/O. The new Macbook only has two ports, a microphone port and a simultaneous charging, data and graphics port.

The new single port is a USB Type - C port, which essentially serves as anything you can imagine using a cable for. Whilst the good news is that it is USB, it does mean however, that for the foreseeable future one will need to carry around a heap of adapter cables.

The Macbook will be available starting on April 10th at $1,299. Would you consider this laptop for its portability or is one port just too little?

Article on The Verge.