PLEASE READ - Buy/Sale/Trade Official Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to the Buy/Sell/Trade (B/S/T) forum!

This area is for members who are wanting to sell their stuff, wanting to buy an item from other members or just doing trade-ins with each other. Since we’re talking about trading online, having guidelines for the B/S/T forum is necessary to protect the users from scamming or poor trading experience, saving you guys money and stress where someone is trying to sell you non-existent or broken item, thus, giving you the flexibility to contact each other all within the forum.

The rules:

  • Photos of all of the items being offered, with physical evidence of your Forge Gaming Network Teamspeak Username and the current date of the time you started the sale are required for all sales. “Physical item” is as in a piece of paper or whatever you can find with your Forge Gaming Network Teamspeak Username and date written on it. If you do not follow this rule, you will be given 48 hours in advance to do so, otherwise your thread will be locked .

  • Selling CD keys - whether it’s for games, software or operating systems - are no longer allowed due to cases of recipients being scammed. CD key giveaways are still permitted by your own wish.

  • Selling Accounts such as your Steam or account is forbidden. Nearly every service on the planet includes a “You are not permitted to sell this account” clause in their EULA, so it’s not even up to us to explain it.

  • The sale of stolen items is strictly forbidden and the thread will be deleted immediately, possibly followed by a loss of privilege to sell/buy on here or a ban or both.

  • Only post items that you are certain to sell. If you are only asking for assistance on the best price to sell your item at or just asking how to sell, post it to another category, otherwise it will be moved to an appropriate forum.

  • Only post in these threads if you have a question about the OP’s item for sale or responding to their “Trading” thread; off-topic discussion is not allowed.

  • The B/S/T forum is not for advertising your eBay or Craigslist listings . These threads will be deleted immediately.

  • We generally do not allow anyone to post special offers from elsewhere (from other websites, real life stores, etc) in this thread. You may post that somewhere else than here.

  • Forge Gaming Network is not responsible for any sales that go wrong, resulting in: no payment, the item not being delivered, item damaged in transit, etc. However, scamming other users is a serious offence and if we catch you doing so, you will lose the privilege to buy/sell here and receive a ban .

  • Gift payments via PayPal are not advised for the protection of your money if something were to go wrong.

  • If you do see a thread in breach/non-compliance of the rules, flag it and a moderator or administrator will resolve the problem.

These rules are subject to change and addition.

Posting Guidelines:

  • Items for sale must be marked by the [WTS] flag.
  • Items for sale or trade must be be marked by the [WTSOT] flag.
  • Items for trade only must be marked by the [WTT] flag.
  • Items you want to buy must me marked by the [WTB] flag.
  • Items you want to buy or trade for must be marked by the [WTBOT] flag.
  • Clearly label what item(s) you are selling, or type of sale in the title.

Below is the guideline when your item or items are sold

  • If you have sold the item, clearly indicate in the title that the item has been sold, using the [SOLD] flag at the front of the title.
  • If you are selling more than one item and you sold one or more of all the items together, indicate in your OP which item is sold (by placing the [SOLD] flag after the name of the said sold item). If all items have been sold, just indicate in the title that all items have been sold. A mod or admin will then close the thread once sale is completed.

Final words…

Thank you for reading!

We hope this makes your transactions go more smoothly, and allowing you to buy, sell, and trade with confidence on the Forge Gaming Network Forums.

If you have any questions or issues with these rules, PM the Mods and/or Admins.