Poll: What broadband do you have

Simple question and topic. Show off your lightning fast or snail-mail speed broadband and vote on what type of broadband you have at home. It does not matter if your internet is fast or slow, we’re just here to share and don’t hesitate to recommend or criticise your ISP.

What type of broadband do you use at home:

  • ADSL
  • VDSL
  • Fiber (Fiber directly to your home, else it’s VDSL!)
  • Cable
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • Other

I have VDSL at home, which I’m very happy with. I had 10Mb ADSL for a couple of years in the UK, and whilst in South Africa I had a combination of 3G and ADSL.

My ISP is Zen Internet who I’ve hardly ever dealt with as I’ve not needed to, but I would highly recommend them if you need to ADSL or VDSL in the UK, they are more expensive than other ISPs but definitely provide an exceptional service. I’ve almost hit 1TB in a month and they do not slow me down, throttle, etc.

I am using Web Africa uncapped home adsl @ 2Mbps.

The first few months it was all sunshine and rainbows, but as soon as I hit a 3 star rating (their throttling system), I could not get a speed over 512Kbps during business hours.
I have to admit that their capped packages are really good. I play LoL and I used to get a ping of 230ms with Hellkom, but now I get 190ms usually and on a good day it can go all the way down to 180ms.

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Father back in SA has Web Africa, helped him organise his 4Mb line with an 80GB cap. Serves him well though when I was in SA I could not play League on it. As soon as somebody opened a browser, skype, youtube, any site and ping was over 300ms. With that said it’s unfortunately his exchange which is the issue as we’ve tested Afrihost and Telkom account and both do the same :cry: Luckily speed wise his line performs just like a 4Mb should :slight_smile: