Regarding the Server Disconnections

Dear all FGN users @Fugitive here to discus the Server Disconnections we are all dealing with.

Yes, we are aware of the intermittent but repeated disconnections which ALL users on our Teamspeak 3 server are suffering from and we would like to apologies for the inconveniencing this has been causing all of us for the past few weeks. I want to also take this time to communicate what we are doing to try fix this as well as why this is happening in the first place.

Firstly our TS server is software installed on a virtual server which is hosted in an MWEB data-center in Cape Town. Now as far as these disconnection’s are concerned they are not a result of our server or the hardware we use to host our server on. They are in fact being caused by the routers/switches (we believe) in the MWEB data-center.

We however, do not communicate directly with the MWEB data-center engineers, our hosting provider acts as a middle-man between MWEB and us.

Here is a reply we have received from our hosting provider:

"Hello [FGN],

Thank you for the reports but they are not necessary - we are fully aware of it and can see it.

We have the highest level of networks available at the data-center investigating. We will have isolated the issue by the morning, no doubt. - This is the feedback we are getting.

Kind Regards,

Unfortunately, this problem is both out of the hands of FGN and our hosting provider, and until the MWEB data-center engineers are able to fix this there is little we can do to assist.

###However, this is what I would like to propose to the wider FGN community:

For over a Year our new hosting provider has been excellent and has provided us with a server we could not have gotten ANYWHERE else in South Africa at the price we pay.

I would like to wait 1 more week before I make any decisions on potentially looking to move to a new host. However, if these disconnections are not solved by march 04th I will consider finding a new hosting provider who does not use MWEB.

However, this is much simpler said as our options within South Africa are very limited. The traditional ISPs server options are very expensive for what you get and they also have surprisingly negative reputations for reliability and communication. As for dedicated server providers that list is not long and the top option being Hetzner ZA is very expensive and therefore not really an option.

This means that if we were forced to have to look for a new hosting provider we may not be able to stick with hosting in South Africa.

I hope this sheds some light on the complexity of the dilemma we are currently facing. And once again our sincere apologies for the inconveniences caused by these disconnections. we hope they will be resolved shortly as our provider appears to suggest they will.

**Our feels on this whole issue:**

##Nature of the problem we are experiencing:

The disconnection periods usually happen 2 - 3 times a day and last between 5 - 15mins.
In this time you are repeatedly disconnected. Disconnections are usually repeated every 45sec - 1min.

##Is this a DDOS?

Possibly but not directed at us but at the data-center. There have been some reports of other hosting companies being DDOSed repeatedly for the past few weeks on and off [Sourced here]

However, we have had no confirmation that it is a DDOS and therefore this is pure speculation it could as easily be a faulty router/switch at the data-center.

##Why not move to a new provider now

Cost and time are the biggest factors. Our current provided server from our provider is also incredibly good value for money and a similar product at another provider would cost us about double every month. Also our providers uptime up-till a couple of weeks ago has been very reliable.

Secondly is limited options within South Africa, the ISP server packages are not an option due to cost as well very bad reputations as outlined in my above post.

##Why not move to an international provider

In this case cost is not the issue but community agreement and the fact that technically we are a South African community first and foremost. Having a server in SA offers the best connection for SA users… usually.

##But who cares about 200 ping to TS it does not matter

As someone who regularly has +150ms to our TS server this is very true. The latency is completely negligible. But there is a catch 22, I virtually never have any packet-loss to our server. And here is where things get tricky. Usually SA internet connections have minimal download speed and virtually no upload speed and whilst local connectivity is ok, international connectivity leaves a lot to be desired. We would not like to host a server in, for instance London, if SA uses are going to experience high packet-loss too often. I trial to see how an international server performs for all our users would be required before I would be happy to move permanently.

##New server up and running

I plan to do a more detailed write-up on what we have done, unfortunately it’s 00:33 BST and I’ve got work tomorrow. But the good news is that our Teamspeak 3 server is up and running on a new host and even better we are still based in South Africa (Johannesburg to be exact). - @Fugitive

Our new server is accessible via:

Our old server will be up until April 30 with a notice to move to the new one!

P.S expected a detailed report consisting of shit like this tomorrow: The beedy-eyed of you will notice that this server is a beast so we’re hoping to run at least Minecraft along with another game or two!