Share your stream

Are you a streamer and part of Forge Gaming Network or would you like to join the Forge Gaming Network’s Steaming Partners. Well then, this is the place to share your stream!

How to format your post:

  • Your streaming nickname
  • Your link (direct)
  • Games you stream
  • A little about your stream
  • Stream schedule

An Example:

  • FugiTive Legacy
  • League of Legends
  • Gold II LoL player. I’ve played League since early 2012 & occasionally stream ranked and normal games with friends.
  • Hopefully more often since I now have a better internet connection, and have finished University. But I don’t have a schedule, so please follow me for notifications :slight_smile: I usually stream in the evenings GMT!

So if you’re a stream please use this topic to share your stream and answer questions!