Steam verification for your FGN Teamspeak 3 account

This guide is now depreciated! Please follow the new guide here:

This guide is now depreciated! Please follow the new guide here:

Hey all.

Account verification has been a controversial decision for us to implement on the Forge Gaming Network for a while now. And whilst I’ve wanted to have some method of providing an automated VIP/Verified user group, until now this functionality has not been available without some serious in-house development.

That all changes today! We’ve now launched our Teamspeak Verified by Steam Service.

First things first, you don’t have to register, but by registering you will gain some nice features on the Forge Gaming Network Teamspeak 3 server, including:

(Coming soon!)™

  • Future Verified Members Only assets
  • Raffles and Giveaways
  • Anime repository (SA Hosted)

How to verify

Step 1:

Connect to our Teamspeak 3 Server and login to Steam

Step 2:

Add the Forge Gaming Network Steam Account to your friends list, simply search Forge Gaming Network in the steam chat client. The bot will automatically accept your friend request allowing you to proceed to Step 3, just hang in there if it takes more than a few moments.

Step 3:

Send the message !verify in Steam chat to Forge Gaming Network.
Now follow the instruction prompts in Steam chat!

Step 4:

Check that you’re Teamspeak 3 account now has the verified group assigned to it!

Please contact @Fugitive if you have any problems!

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[Unplanned Maintenance Notice:]

02/07/2016 15:40 BST

Please note the bot will be down for an unspecified duration. Due to a complication with the user database, when we have any more information we will post an update. No personal information is stored in the database!

Expected solutions: Backup database restore.

Update 02/07/2016 18:00 BST

Regarding loss of verified status as of 21/08/2016 - 20:00 BST

Due to unforeseen changes made to the verification process. All existing verified users will need to verify again. We hope this will be the one-and-only time this will be required.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

I got a new PC and a new TS account, is there anyway to verify myself onto the new account?

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Yes, please PM (on the Forum) or Whisper @Fugitive (on Teamspeak 3) with your Steam ID:

You can get your Steam ID via the following site:

Alternatively send your Steam Profile URL!

Regarding loss of verified status as of 16/11/2018 - 00:00 GMT

Please note: We’ve audited ALL the existing users in the Steam Verified Group image. This has been done as it has been brought to my attention that some Admins have manually added users to the Steam Verified Group.

This is not the correct processes to obtaining the Steam Verified Group.

If you’ve lost your verified status: This means you had not linked your Steam Account to your FGN Teamspeak Account, therefore your verification was invalid and revoked. Please make sure you’ve followed the instructions at the top of this post, in order, and you will acquire verified status!

Steam account already belongs to another TeamSpeak identity? This is due to one of the following reasons:

  • Eligible: You are not using myTeamspeak and have “lost” your teamspeak IDs due to a format, etc. Please contact an admin to get your Steam Account Unliked from your old teamspeak ID.

  • Ineligible: An admin removed you from the Steam Verified Group image due to sever disregard for the FGN rules. We won’t reinstate your verified status and your Steam Account will remain linked, disabling future verification!

Please message a Head Admin or Server Founder for more assistance!