Team Solomid & the Turtle

The prophecy is now complete. Well almost TSM has announced the departure of:

  • Lustboy
  • Santorin
  • Dyrus

Leaving Bjergsen in the Solo-Mid and Wild Turtle feeling more vulnerable than ever.

Dyrus was always a given though I’m semi surprised about the other two. Interestingly Wild Turtle seems to be remaining, which I guess makes sense when more than half the team has left, a little stability is probably good. But one can’t argue that Wild Turtle’s performance was lacking at Worlds and at the end of LCS.

Both Lustboy and Dyrus have chosen to retire from professional League, and according to the article Santorin and the TSM as an organisation are still on good terms even though he is departing.

TSM is now holding tryouts to find replacements.

One thing for sure is next season we will have a very different TSM for better or for worse.