Valve Bans CSGO betting sites

Hey all.

Today Valve issued its official letter regarding CSGO betting sites clearly stating that these sites are in breach of Steam’s terms and conditions, making Valve’s official stance towards CSGO betting sites very clear.

The letter can be read in full here:

This clear directive comes after CSGO Lotto and owners are sued over ‘illegal gambling’ allegations, early this month.

In an amended complaint filed today in the Southern District of Florida, CSGO Lotto, Martin and Thomas Cassell have been added to one of two complaints filed against Valve Corporation in the past few weeks. - Polygon

If you’re out of the loop h3h3Productions, a popular YouTuber made a video detailing the enfolding events which lead to legal action being taking against Valve and its connection with online gambling as well as the scandalous revelations regarding the owner of one such betting site: CSGO Lotto.