Welcome to the new FGN forum!

Welcome to the new FGN forums!

Naturally whilst we work on the new platform there will be some bugs. Please contact us if you have trouble logging in, or have any feedback.

Goal of the new forums

Traditional forums are outdated and have been replaced by social media. The staff at Forge Gaming Network want to change the way users interact with online discussion. In order to do that we’ve decided to utilise Discourse.org to produce South Africa’s best and most advanced gaming, technology, media and arts forum.

Does your South African gaming community have a forum, is it underused? Well this is what we want to resolve, but the only way to resolve it is to create a forum that is used by hundreds of people. One can argue there are already massive South African forums and you would be correct, however, these platforms are outdated. The Forge Gaming Network Forum is designed with a 10 year vision!

Forum Features

  • Real-time updates
  • 100% mobile compatible
  • Lightning fast and reliable
  • Simple, beautiful and user friendly
  • Maintained and built by the community!
  • Secure SSL connection
  • Regularly updated & massive development and support

But we need your help to build South Africa’s premier gaming, technology and culture forum!

What to do first

Be sure to customize your profile, check out replies, subscribe to email digests, check out the private messaging features.


Before jumping in, we suggest you read this first: Community Guidelines.

Posting on the FGN forums can be a little confusing at first, trust us though its actually a very pleasant experience. Please note BBcode does not exist on the forums, Discourse uses markdown which you can read about.

We also recommend this YouTube guide!

Interested about Discourse

Why not check out the Discourse FAQ to learn more.

This is a very powerful platform with many features, don’t worry it’s actually very easy to use!