Who do you support?

Does not matter what league, etc. Who do you support in football and why do you support them?

I myself am a Liverpool supporter, have been ever since taking an interest in playing football at school. My father introduced me to them and since then I’ve stuck with them.

Arsenal up in the hizzay! :smiley:
Although I don’t really watch much football anymore, there was a time when I was a rabid Arsenal supporter, and to this day I still enjoy watching the occasional game.
As for why I chose to support them: They were the first team I ever played with on FIFA 2003, and I just took to Arsenal like no other club :smile:

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GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED! :japanese_ogre:
We beat LFC last night. It was a close game and well done to all the LFC supporters. :laughing:
I’ve been supporting MANU since I was a kid, and they are the best.
Nuff said.